About me...
French photographer and Profoto Ambassador based in Besançon (2h from Paris and Lyon by train, 2h from Lausanne, 2h30 from Geneva).
I specialize fashion & beauty, Still Life for designer and luxury industry and Architecture.
Want to be a Model for me? Just contact me !
Favourite colour: Klein Blue — so electric. I love. 
Favourite thing: The atmosphere at the start of the shoot where everything falls into place
Favourite Book: I collect art books and spend too much time reading them. But somes of my lovely books "La Petite Veste Noire" (KARL LAGERFLED, Steidl), "GISELE" (Taschen), "MERT ALAS & MARCUS PIGOTT" (Taschen), "KATE" (MARIO SORRENTI, Phaidon)
Favourite drink: COFFEE-the fuel of creative industry. Lots of it, and more. Although I do my best to drink less.
Unusual thing about me: I'm not only photographer, I'm the founder and manager of a company in medical industry
Ideal shoot: I love working with crews who live and breathe the vision. An ideal shoot is full of positive energy 
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